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Montag, 21. September 2020

News 2020

The gapro-Team works already several years successfully in the seafood sector (production/sales) and supplies customers in Europe with frozen shrimps (Black Tiger, Vannamei) and Fish (Pangasius) in all varieties and sizes, according to customer requirements.

gapro has its own office in Vietnam with qualified staff, which is in daily contact with our partners/producers and maintain partnership cooperation.



We have been accompanying successfully our shrimps-producer incl. farm to shift to BIO since 2 years. Finally, we are able to supply BIO-shrimps (Vannamei & Black Tiger) since 2018. By interest, please contact us for any request (species, variation, specification), so we can provide you our best offer. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Product-quality and sustainability are very important for us therefore we developed belong with our producer a traceability-system with own quality standards. In other words we are able to supervisethe total production process from the hatchery across the farm right up to the factory. Our partner/farmer are operating anextensive breeding (max. 2-4 shrimps/m3, no supplementary feeding). Alsothey do not use any antibiotic medicine. This is not needed by such a low group of shrimps. 

Food quality and sustainability are very important for us for that we have developed with our producers a traceability system with our own quality standards and specification, i.e. so that we can monitor and control the entire production process from the hatchery (mother shrimp) on the breeding (farms) up to the processing (factory). Our partners/farmers operate an extensive breeding (max. 2 - 4 shrimps/m3, no supplementary feeding). Also absolutely no antibiotics are used, which is not necessary in these small quantities of shrimps.

Download traceability system information

  Download the ACQUA PURE - concept

Packaging ACQUA PURE

The polybag has two windows on the front and on the back and is re-closable. A corresponding rider will be inserted at the top according to customized inquiries. This rider can also be individualized and printed on both sides.

For further question please contact us directly.